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ECC Port Angling Club C.F.S.A Affiliated

par harbour

Lowen-Chy Art and Angling is also the place to sign-up for the "ECC Port Angling Club". The "ECC Port Angling Club" gives its members exclusive access to fish from Par Harbour and Fowey Harbour. Joining the "ECC Port Angling Club" gives its members the option to record their catch weights and participate in organised competitions with other members of the angling club. For more information about joining or perhaps even competition rules if your already a member of "ECC Port Angling Club" then give us a call or pop in and one of us can answer your questions.

Both at Lowen-Chy Art and Angling and ECC Port Angling Club we take the conservation of fish stocks very seriously and we would like to express that this has now become a major concern to keep fishing alive for everyone in years to come. On this note we ask that both the ECC Port Angling Club members and the customers of Lowen-Chy Art and Angling do not take under sized catches from the sea. We also understand that sometimes hooks can be swallowed and in this case it is best to cut the line as close to the hook end as safely possible and return the specimen to the water. The hook will break down naturally and will generally cause no lasting harm to the fish. If you are unsure of the minimum weights for species caught then please refer to your ECC Ports Angling Club 2010 Handbook or ask one of us in Lowen-Chy Art and Angling.

How To Join ECC Port Angling Club....

If you wish to join ECC Port Angling Club then you can either ask in Lowen-Chy Art and Angling and one of us will deal with any questions or aternatively contact one of the numbers below and we can tell you how to go about joining or answer any questions you may have in regards to ECC Port Angling Club.

Mr R Bennetto: 01726 75631 Mobile: 07752927545.

Mr C Sweet: 01726 70344 Mobile: 07733160335

Please do not hesitate to call one of these numbers if you have a question in regards to the rules because it is better to ask one of us and be well informed then to not ask and potentially face disqualification from a competition or risk your membership.