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ECC Port Angling Club Rules

  1. Times of access to Fowey.
    1. Monday - Friday 6:00pm - 5:00am.
    2. Saturdays 5:00pm onwards.
    3. Sundays - Bank Holidays. All Day.
  2. Times of access to Par.
    1. Monday - Friday All Day.
    2. Saturday - Sunday All Day.
  3. At Par all members vehicles must be reversed parked in the visotors car park, situated to the right of the main gate and walk to the harbour front via the yellow lines. A current club car sticker must be clearly displayed on the vehicle. Disabled members holding a valid ports parking permit sare able to park their vehicles on the harbour front. this must be clearly displayed alongside the blue badge.
  4. At fowey parking only in the public car parks. Entry via the security gate at Caffa Mill. No vehicles are permitted within the docks area.
  5. Any member caight or observed damaging or misusing ports or commercial property therein will be suspended for an unlimited period.
  6. No alcohol to be taken or consumed in either of the ports. Any member found to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry.
  7. Fishing in the harbour basin at Par is not permitted.
  8. At Fowey fishing near moorings, ships or the pilots Pontoon is not permitted.
  9. No fishing within 30 metres of any loading operation.
  10. Membership cards to be carried at all times within the ports. Passes may be checked at any time by either port security, ports management or club officials.
  11. No pets are permitted within either ports.
  12. Al members are responsible for the disposal of litter within the ports. Bins are provided for litter ony, do not put unused baits in the bins as this encourages vermin.
  13. Sign On - Wigh In for competitions at the Club House (Par) unless otherwise stated. Please use visitors car Park.
  14. All competitions 2 rods 3 hooks permitted.
  15. Only one prize per person in any competition.
  16. A minimum of 5 entrants for any competition to proceed.
  17. The cub sandeel net is available to members for a maximum of 3 days. To be signed out and in when used.
  18. All members must register catches with either of the fish recorders to qualify for club awards. 100% specimens must be seen by the recorder.
  19. Any member holding a trophy must return it to the secretary or chairman by the 31st of December.
  20. Members bringing the club into disrepute or is abusive to another member or ports official/employee will be suspended indefinitely.
  21. Summer and Winter small boat competitions to be fished in the area of Looe Island to Middle Rock to Dodman Point.
  22. All boats taking part must be a minimum of 12 feet in length.
  23. It is advised that for safety reasons a minimum of 2 persons are aboard any boat taking part in competitions.
  24. When weighing in you must give the general location of catches within 2 miles.
  25. Any committee member failing to attend 3 consecutive meetings without apologies will be deemed to have resigned.
  26. The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  27. The junior competitors at Par 1 Rod and Float only.
  28. Multi-hook rigs exceeding 3 hooks are not permissible in any cometition or qualification for fish of the month.
  29. At fixed venue events sign on is permitted at any time after the start.
  30. Fishing at Par and Fowey by named permit holders only. Members guests by allocated day or hoiday passes.
  31. To qualify for the christmas competition you must participate in a minimum of 5 events (excluding fun days) within the current years program.
  32. All members must register times of arrival and departurein the book provided in the reporting office at both ports.
  33. As a club we actively promote conservation - therefore if you are observed or caught removing undersized species, (below the minimum weight allowed) your membership will be revoked.
  34. Any complaints/suggestions must be forwarded to the club secretary or chairman in writing.